Assistant Construction Coordinator

Lubbock Habitat for Humanity, Inc.
Job Description
This individual would work with the Habitat Construction Coordinator


PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Lubbock Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical, Christian housing ministry which builds and rehabilitates houses in partnership with families in need of improved housing conditions and sells the families the houses on a no profit and no interest basis.
GENERAL FUNCTION: The Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of sponsors, labor, subcontractors and materials necessary in the construction of all assigned units.
  1. Building:
    1. In collaboration with the Building Committee review plans, specifications, and construction sheets.
    2. In collaboration with the Site Selection Committee evaluate sites.
    3. In collaboration with the Volunteer Coordinator and the Executive Director create long range schedules.
    4. Obtain permits.
    5. Arrange inspections.
    6. Solicit bids, award contracts, and phase in trades as necessary.
    7. Coordinate with and oversee the site managers.
    8. Contract for and insure timely delivery of materials to all job sites.
    9. Inspect each phase of work to determine that it is of acceptable quality and that each phase is completed on schedule.
    10. Assure all warranty work is done in a timely manner.
  2. Development:
    1. Work with suppliers and businesses to secure donations of in-kind materials where possible.
    2. Work with trade groups to secure trained and skilled labor.
    3. Work with subcontractors to obtain the best deals possible for work that cannot be done by volunteers.
    4. Work with trade groups to secure leadership i.e., site managers and crew chiefs.
    5. Work with the volunteer coordinator to develop training for unskilled and semi-skilled volunteers in building skills.
    6. Work with the volunteer coordinator for the scheduling and utilization of work groups.
    7. Work with the families or their family partner to make sure that they are getting their hours and that any concerns about the house are being addressed.
    8. Work with sponsors to coordinate and oversee their projects and to help them organize and train their volunteers or train and supervise volunteers who can do such training.
  1. Field management skills and a strong working knowledge of all phases and facets of construction.
  2. An ability to work well with people, both skilled and unskilled, volunteers, trades people and families.
  3. An ability to inspire and motivate volunteers, to hold them accountable for their work and to praise them for their efforts. 
  4. Must be able to perform with a minimum of supervision and direction.
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